About Us


Two Ravens Pottery LLC represents not only a new marketplace for both the serious and novice collector of quality southwestern Indian pottery but also a new methodology for individuals to enter the Indian art market at reasonable prices assuring quality, collectable grade pottery. As a resource for the designer and homeowner seeking the pieces necessary to accentuate or create a southwestern life style and decor, Two Ravens Pottery is essential. The combining of the interests and efforts of two long-time collectors of Indian art, Two Ravens Pottery searches the entire Southwest and Rocky Mountain West for quality, affordable pottery created by some of the region’s most recognizable artists, both contemporary and historic. By obtaining quality pottery directly from the artists, from the vast region’s auctions and sales, from estates and liquidations of longtime fellow collectors, Two Ravens is able to provide collectors, both old and new, with exceptional selection and value. By recognizing the balance of the past with the future, Two Ravens Pottery has also developed its Young Potters Project to recognize, encourage and reward young Indian potters learning the craft from their elders and their history. Two Ravens Pottery believes it is critical that the knowledge, talents and skills involved in the creation of these magnificent vessels be passed on to future generations through its young artists.

Born from a love of not only the art, but also the culture, its spiritual underpinnings and the people themselves, the founders of Two Ravens are singularly focused on providing individuals the rich experience they have enjoyed personally for years and the opportunity for others to own a piece of this magnificent culture. Visit us on the web at www.tworavenspottery.com, but more importantly learn about, experience and enjoy this great art form.


Two Ravens Pottery LLC pledges to offer only the finest authentic Indian pottery representing the pueblos of the southwest; to fully disclose the quality and condition of that pottery, to the best of our ability; to stand behind our representations and information, and to market and price items fairly and ethically.

Two Ravens Pottery LLC further pledges, to the best of our ability, to educate the purchaser as to the age and history of the piece, the background of the potter, and the representations and artwork displayed on a particular piece of pottery.

Two Ravens Pottery LLC is about a respect for the culture, an appreciation of the art, an admiration of the artist and creator and a respect for the cultural and spirituality from which
the art comes.



Born in Anadarko, Oklahoma and raised across the Sooner state from the windswept plains of its southwestern corner to the rolling hills of its central and eastern portions, Two Ravens Pottery co-founder, Jerry Lockwood, developed early in life a deep respect and affection for the lifestyle, culture and community of native America. After college at Oklahoma State, marriage and graduate work at the University of Arkansas, Lockwood has resided the majority of his life in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado. There his interests in Indian art intensified with a growing fascination for the cultures of the tribes and pueblos of the American southwest from Mesa Verde and New Mexico to the Hopi mesas and Navajo lands of Arizona. These interests led to Lockwood eventually pursuing coursework in the history of the American Southwest at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Through Two Ravens Pottery, Lockwood hopes to share and encourage others to learn and enjoy the many facets of Native American pottery. In his parallel life, Lockwood is a co-founder and President of Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. in Denver, Colorado.


Growing up on a ranch near Kit Carson in Eastern Colorado, caused Dan to develop an interest in Indian art and lore as a child and he has never lost his passion for the Indian way. In the mid 1980’s he had his first experience with excavating Indian ruins at Crow Canyon Archeological Center near Cortez, Colorado. Since then he has attended over 15 programs excavating ruins and attending pottery labs at Crow Canyon. Through the pottery labs he developed an appreciation for the making of pottery from Pueblo I through Pueblo III. The beauty of the designs of this ancient pottery led him to a deep appreciation for the beauty of the pottery being made today; pottery made in much the same way as it was made centuries ago. Dan hopes that the pottery offered through Two Ravens Pottery will bring this beauty to you.

Previously Dan served as a District Judge in Boulder, Colorado for ten years and is currently a mediator with Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. in Denver.