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Grace is one of the matriarchs of Hopi pottery. According to family traditions, Grace, of the Bear Clan was born February 14, 1874 at Tewa Village, Iwinge (also known as Hano). She was an active potter at age 103, about 3 years before her death in 1980. She was inducted in the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame in 1988 in recognition of her devotion to her clan and to her culture. Her favorite designs include butterflies and moths.

Publications: Hopi Traditions in Pottery and Painting Honoring Grace Chapella, Potter (1874- ), John E. Collins; Hopi-Tewa Pottery, 500 Artist Biographies), Dr. Gregory Schaaf; Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery, Rick Dillingham; Hopi-Tewa Pottery, 500 Artist Biographies), Dr. Gregory Schaaf .

Collections: Grace’s beautiful work can be found at the Museum of Northern Arizona, Heard Museum in Phoenix, the Richard M. Howard collections as well as many others.

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