Young Potters’ Project

Two Ravens Pottery is committed to encouraging, recognizing and rewarding young potters. Whether it is language, art, verbal history or community perspective without the transfer of knowledge, skill and talent many aspects of all cultures are in danger of being lost. To motivate young Indian potters, Two Ravens has developed a plan to recognize and economically reward those individuals under sixteen (16) years of age who design, create and produce traditional southwestern pottery. It works like this:

1. Two Ravens Pottery will purchase select examples of work of young potters for the price asked. Those items will be highlighted on the Two Ravens Pottery website and re-sold for identical price which, additionally, will be forwarded to the young artist in effect doubling their economic reward. Hopefully, individual collectors will learn of the project and assist in rewarding these young, aspiring artists.

2. Young Indian potters work and style will also be highlighted on the Two Ravens Pottery website with information for collectors to follow their careers and work.

3. Each summer Two Ravens Pottery will support the youth pottery division of one of the many markets and art shows held across the Southwest.